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Skip Hire Oldham Greater Manchester: If your property in Oldham is consistently getting cluttered up with accumulations of rubbish, you're definitely not alone, it happens to practically every household. Regularly having to load up your car and visit the local tip is not much fun, and it is also easy to wreck or screw up your vehicle if you're not extremely careful. Having to take care of the accumulation of general day to day waste is bad enough, but when undertaking home improvements, cleaning out the shed or clearing your garden is concerned, the whole process can be a bit overwhelming.

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However, there is a different that will maybe cost you a bit more overall but will take up less of your time, and will cause less damage to your family car. Provided that you have enough space, and you have sufficient rubbish to fill it, you could always hire a skip from a local Oldham company and allow them to transport and process your unwanted waste. If this seems like an attractive proposition, and is perfect for your needs, you'll next need to search for a reliable skip hire provider in Oldham.

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Skip Hire Basics: Your next points to consider should be: what size of skip do you need, when will you want the skip and where are you going to have the skip sited? And these are all details which you need to sort out before you go ahead and reserve a skip.

Sizes of Skip: A variety of different skip sizes are offered by skip hire providers in the Oldham area, and the most popular ones are mini skips (1-2 cubic yards/25-35 rubbish bags), midi skips (3-4 yards/35-45 bin bags), a standard builders skips (six to eight yards/65-85 rubbish bags), and large skips (twelve to fourteen yards/180-210 bin bags). You can ask for the companie's advice on which is better for you. While driving or walking around Oldham, you'll often see skips outside folk's homes when they are having a big clear-out or carrying out building work, and the most commonplace size that you'll see is the builders skip which is suitable for a substantial amount of garbage, without the need to overfill it or push doors down the sides to make additional room. If you've got a reasonable quantity of rubbish to dispose of, this will probably be the size for you.

The builders skip should be suitable for the majority of attic clearances, garden clearances, home improvement projects and similar types of job. A decent illustration of a project which a builders skip may be appropriate for is when you are having a kitchen or bathroom fitted and you'll want to dispose of all the old units and fittings, the packing from the new fittings and units and all the other waste generated during the process.

Siting the Skip: It's really important to find the perfect situation for the skip, and where it can sit will be determined, to a large extent, by what features you've got on your property. If you have an area of grass, it could be stood on there, however you'll need to bear in mind that it will probably get damaged no matter what measures you take. Owing to the weight that's involved, an even better place to position the skip would be a private driveway or patio area. if you are fortunate enough to have either of these, you will be good to go and will not have to stress over this. If you are planning to stand a skip on a lawn, patio or driveway, it's a good idea lay down some boards to give some added protection to the surface underneath.

If you do not have a driveway, lawn or patio, or haven't got enough space in your garden, your only solution will be to position the skip on the road that borders your property in Oldham. Of course, it's not simply a case of plonking the skip on the highway and throwing in all your rubbish, firstly you will need to obtain a licence from the local authority. The vast majority of Oldham skip companies will be pleased to get this licence for you, so ask if this might be possible.

It's certainly a huge advantage to use skip provider in Oldham that acquires licences on its customers behalf, leaving you to concentrate on your main project. You will have to fill out an online application form for a skip permit, if you cannot locate a local skip company that is prepared to do this, and in actual fact it's quite a straightforward process. Avoiding this extra hassle by setting the skip within the boundary of your property is obviously the preferred resolution, and you should try to do this if at all possible.

If you stand a skip on the main road and don't get a permit, or put in the appropriate safety measures (night safety lights, traffic cones and reflective markers), you will be liable to a penalty of up to one thousand pounds. Even if it means taking away a couple of fencing panels, the effort is worthwhile to get the skip safety placed inside the boundary of your property.

The price of a permit for standing a skip on a grass verge, footway, public road or pavement varies from place to place, and might also differ depending on the skip size. You should anticipate paying around £100 for this skip licence, although this could quite easily be anything between £30 and £160. These skip permits only last for a limited period (generally one month), although they can sometimes be extended for an extra fee if needed. After making an application for a permit online you will have to wait for the five or so days that is required to process it. You shouldn't simply assume that you have tacit permission and can go ahead and site the skip, you must wait for confirmation. You could be fined and have to pay for a much more expensive retrospective permit, if you're found to have put a skip on a footpath, verge or road without purchasing the proper permit.

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Reserving a Skip: When you need to reserve a skip in Oldham, one of the key things is good organisation. Essentially, you should organise the delivery of your skip as close to your project's start date as possible. Typically, skip hire providers in Oldham are quite happy for the skip to remain on your property for a couple of weeks. They might be willing to increase this a little, if you let them know beforehand, otherwise additional charges may be imposed.

The price of skip hire in Oldham is already substantial, therefore you will want to use your two week window effectively, hence why it is essential to get your timeframe right in the first place. By having the skip arrive as soon as the project begins, you won't incur any extra costs. So, to ensure that you have sufficient time to load the skip, and avoid being beleaguered by the company eager to collect it, just stick to these few basic guidelines.

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Filling Your Skip: You have to take precautions when filling up the skip, to make certain everything is packed in as closely as possible. Use up all of the space as efficiently as you can by dismantling furniture items for instance, which can otherwise take up a lot of space. This can both be less dangerous and help you save money, since you will ideally be able to fit all your trash into that one skip, and have no need to hire a second one.

Be certain that you only put allowable waste materials into the skip because most skip hire providers in Oldham, will not let you dump certain types of materials such as fridge/freezers, PC monitors, gas canisters, televisions, batteries, tyres, toxic materials, aerosols and plasterboard. Overfilling the skip is also not recommended because the driver might refuse to take away the skip if he believes it could be unsafe to carry. Skip drivers will usually spread a safety net over the skip prior to loading it up onto the wagon, but this is primarily intended to secure fly-away items, therefore make certain nothing hazardous and heavy can tumble off of the skip during transit.

It is extremely important to verify that the skip firm in Oldham which you use, will get shot of your trash in a correct and ethical manner. It will be your front door which the local authority enforcement officials will probably be banging on with a large penalty fine, if your rubbish is fly-tipped half a mile from your property. Skip hire providers in Oldham have to hold a "waste carriers license", so make sure they've got one of these and that it is valid. There is certainly very little legislation or regulation aside from this carriers licence which controls the skip rental sector, so you must be cautious. If the skip hire company you are planning on using has been in business in the Oldham area for a number of years, you can fairly safely presume that they'll be fine, if not make sure!

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In the skip hire sector, as with many other businesses and services, there are definitely rogue traders and cowboys operating, who'll take the mickey by fly-tipping your rubbish ten minutes after pocketing your cash. So, don't employ these individuals, regardless if they're several pounds cheaper than their law-abiding competitors, as it could quite possibly cost you an awful lot more ultimately (in the shape of local council fines!). What this really means is the fact that the cheapest skip hire Oldham is not always the best skip hire Oldham.

It is a well known fact that homeowners are more inclined to take notice of a reference from a friend or member of their family. Therefore, if you have family, friends or neighbours who have recently used a skip hire company, and were satisfied with the outcome you could ask if they are prepared to recommend them. Word of mouth is recognised as the most trusted form of endorsement, and at least 80% of householders in Oldham would rate this form of recommendation over any other. It is still sensible to obtain at least 2 or 3 estimates from various services locally, even though a specific skip hire company has been highly recommended by somebody you know.

Skip Hire Prices: There is of course no defined fee for skip hire, and things like the size of skip that you need, whether you need a licence or not, the hire duration and where in the United Kingdom you live will all have an influence on what you pay for your skip hire.

As a rough guide a mini (2 yard) skip should range in price from approximately £60 to £120, a midi (4 yard) skip should cost from around £85 to £200, a builders skip (8 yard) will cost from about £140 to £300.

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You'll be able to get skip hire in Oldham and also nearby in: Hathershaw, Long Sight, Middleton, Oldham Edge, Busk, Greenacres, Stalybridge, Holden Fold, Chadderton, Delph, New Moston, Heyside, Royton, Mossley, Featherstall, Lees, Dukinfield, and in these postcodes OL1 1XT, OL1 2AD, OL1 1JG, OL1 1BE, M35 5AD, M35 9WJ, OL1 1AG, OL1 2AR, OL1 1NR, OL1 1DZ. Local Oldham skip hire providers will likely have the telephone code 0161 and the postcode OL1.

Skip Hire Permits Oldham

If you have to stand your skip on a footpath, verge or road, you must apply for a special licence. The skip hire company may do this for you, or you'll need to fill in an online application. A permit for siting a skip on a road, footpath, verge or pathway will vary in cost from area to area, and could also be based upon the size of the skip that you're renting. When this article was being written (2021) the price of a skip skip licence is approximately one hundred pounds on average, however in your specific area it may be anywhere between £30 and £160 for a conventional builders skip.

These licences only last for a limited period (generally one month), however they can frequently be extended for a supplementary fee if needed. Despite the fact that it takes just a couple of minutes to complete an online permit application, you will need to wait around 5 days for it to be processed. Implied or tacit permission is not enough, so until you have confirmation, you shouldn't proceed with the skip placement. If you choose to put a skip on a pavement, verge or road without purchasing the correct permit, you will be fined and could also be be required to pay for a retrospective skip licence at a substantially inflated rate.

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If you're renovating a room, clearing a property in Oldham or just have a huge amount of garden waste that needs to be got rid of, a mini skip could be just the thing you need. The small dimensions of mini skips mean that they can be placed anyplace you could park a small family car, and be close to the home where you need to dispose of the rubbish.

If you're working on a do-it-yourself renovation in a room of your property in Oldham, mini skip hire is the preferred way to get the waste removed from your project. Some local authority tips enforce restrictions on the household waste that can be tipped within a certain timeframe, hiring a mini skip means the responsibility for your waste is handed to the skip hire company, who'll have a long term, environmentally friendly contract in place. You can take the hassle and stress out of removing the rubbish from your home renovations by hiring a handy mini skip and getting the skip company to dispose of your waste products in an ethical and eco-friendly manner. (Tags: Cheap Mini Skip Hire Oldham, Mini Skips Oldham, Mini Skip Hire Oldham, Mini Skip Rental Oldham).

Muck Away Services Oldham

Whilst looking for skip hire, there is a good chance that you may see "muck away" services advertised in Oldham, and be wondering exactly what they are. Basically, muck away services include removing spoil (rubble, waste and soil) from industrial developments, agricultural land or building projects when earthworks are taking place.

There are three main waste categories, which are inert, non-hazardous and hazardous.

Muck away services in Oldham are able to remove:

  • Clean, inert waste.
  • Concrete, subsoil, rubble and hardcore.
  • Green and agricultural waste.
  • Contaminated, toxic and hazardous waste.
  • Tarmac breakout.
  • Non-hazardous waste.
  • Site clearance materials and spoil.

In residential situations this may result from:

  • The building of home extensions.
  • Excavating foundations and footings.
  • Underpinning projects.
  • Construction site clearances.
  • Patio and pathway installation and removal.
  • Swimming pool installation.

Dedicated muck away firms in Oldham will have a whole host of vehicle options for all these project sizes and types, and also to get access to all sorts of different location.

Many different sectors regularly require muck away services in the Oldham area, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Housing
  • Transport
  • Education
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Construction
  • Railways
  • Leisure & Sport
  • Retail Outlets
  • Health Services

Professional muck away services in Oldham should be registered with the EA (Environment Agency) and adhere to the applicable rules and legislation with regard to disposal and recycling, avoiding landfill whenever possible.

Waste Recycling Oldham

You might imagine that the rubbish that goes into a skip is destined for landfill and serves no further useful purpose. Yet, the majority of skip suppliers in Oldham will endeavour to recycle a large proportion of that waste, so as to be more environmentally-friendly. In the final analysis, most things like brick, topsoil, green waste, metal and wood that get thrown into skips, can be repurposed in one way or another.

Obviously, there's no logical or organised way to load up a skip (or at least not one that we follow!), so they typically wind up containing a whole hotchpotch of junk, which needs to be carefully sorted through before recycling is possible. Much of the processing and sorting takes place at a waste transfer station, and larger skip rental companies often have their own independent facility.

In order to transform things like aggregates, textiles and metal into new products that can be reused, a lot of the sorted waste is passed over to specialist recycling companies. It really is vital that you use the services of a skip hire company in Oldham that has a solid waste recycling strategy, and it's always worthwhile to ask where your waste will be going, so we can continue on our quest towards "zero to landfill".

Ro-Ro Skips Oldham

Roll-On Roll-Off Skips Oldham

Delivered and transported by specialist container trucks, RoRo (Roll-On Roll-Off) skips hold large quantities of waste and are perfect for commercial users in Oldham who need a more substantial solution to the conventional builders skip. Generally available for hire in sizes of 20-40 cubic yards, and having the capacity for anywhere between 220 and 440 normal sized bin bags, Roll-on, Roll-off skips have become increasingly popular. In locations where there's lots of industrial, demolition or construction waste, you will frequently see Ro-Ro skips in use.

If you're thinking of hiring RoRo skips for your commercial needs, there are several elements that you will have to take into account. Is there adequate space on your premises for the delivery of the skip, will it hamper the workflow while it's there, and is there going to be plenty of room for a lorry to collect and manoeuvre it after it's been filled?

The benefits of Ro-Ro skips include:

  • Less disturbance on-site - owing to less frequent collections.
  • Transportation costs are lower as less trips are needed.
  • Large bulky items that can clutter your premises can be easily disposed of.
  • The huge waste capacity reduces on-site debris and hazards.
  • A lower carbon footprint due to less trips.

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Waste Management Oldham

Waste Management Oldham

If you've got an overabundance of waste or rubbish that is accumulating all too often, it might be worthwhile to hire the expert services of a local Oldham waste management service. From highly confidential office documents, through to food, sanitary and health waste, a professional waste management firm will be able to deal with it all.

The primary aim of any genuine waste management service in Oldham is a dedication to attaining a zero landfill policy and a zero carbon footprint year on year. Preferably processing, recycling and composting clinical or hazardous waste with modern equipment will all be used to eliminate the dependence on landfill disposal, and accomplish your environmental goals.

All Oldham waste management services have to comply with the guidelines and legislation on procedures concerning waste disposal from the Health and Safety Executive, and should be able to offer advice and guidance on the proper way to dispose of your particular waste. (Tags: Waste Management Oldham, Waste Management Companies Oldham, Waste Management Services Oldham).

Oldham Skip Hire Questions

Oldham Skip Hire Questions

In the past few weeks I've been going through the most common questions that folks in Oldham ask about skip hire. A few of you tendered noteworthy queries that I thought would be applicable to this blog post. The most pertinent ones appeared to be, "Which skip should I hire?" "How do you hire a skip bin?" "If I hire a skip can I put anything in it?" "How much is a mini skip to hire near me?" "Where can I hire a small skip bin?" "When you hire a skip where does the rubbish go?" Hopefully the majority of these questions have been covered in this blog post, and if that is not the case a skip hire "Q&A" section will be included shortly. We are grateful to Kian Cox, Hamish Lawrence, Uzair Higgins and Eleanor Lucas from Oldham, for raising these great questions. It was also good to get contributions from Ella Giles in Holden Fold, Cameron Mcintyre in Heyside and Allison Langley in Featherstall.

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