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Skip Hire Southwell Nottinghamshire: If you are planning to clear out your loft, tidy up your garden, fit a new bathroom or carry out home improvements, there is a fair likelihood that you're gonna be creating a whole lot of waste and rubbish that's going to need to be disposed of. You could of course shove all of that extra trash in your car boot (if you have a car!) and drive it down to the closest Southwell rubbish tip. However that is going to make your car filthy, take up lots of your time, and perhaps even do some serious damage to your automobile.

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There is however an alternative solution to this dilemma, and while it may be more costly in the short term, it won't spoil your car, and will not take up so much of your valuable time. You could just hire a skip from a local Southwell company, and chuck all your rubbish in there, and let the specialists cart that junk away and dispose of it in a responsible fashion. If this seems like an attractive proposition, and is perfect for your needs, you will next have to hunt for a reliable skip hire service in Southwell.

Skip Hire Southwell Nottinghamshire (NG25)

Important decisions like: What size of skip is needed? Where do you want the skip to be sited? On which date and time would you like the skip to be delivered? will have to be made, as soon as you've made a shortlist of good skip hire services in Southwell.

Sizes of Skip: Skip hire companies in Southwell will generally offer a range of different skip sizes, dependant upon your requirements. With most skip hire companies you will find a choice between a mini skip (one to two cubic yards/25-35 rubbish bags), a midi skip (3-4 cubic yards/35-45 rubbish bags), a standard builders skip (six to eight yards/65-85 rubbish bags), and a large skip (twelve to fourteen cubic yards/180-210 rubbish bags). If you would like to get a perception of the skip sizes, take a drive or a walk around Southwell, and on any day you'll encounter plenty of properties with skips stood outside. The most common size that you'll notice will usually be the "builder's" skip, which appears to be the traditional size for general home refurbishments and building projects.

The ordinary "builder's" skip will probably be perfect for loft clearances, construction projects, home refurbishments and garden clearances.

A Site for the Skip: It is really important to find the perfect position to sit the skip, and where it goes will be determined, to a large extent, by what features you've got on your property. An area of grass is a fairly good place to sit a skip if you don't mind your precious lawn getting damaged which it inevitably will, regardless of what measures you put in place to stop this from happening. An even better place to sit your skip is a patio or private drive, which should easily take the weight that is involved and provide a good, firm surface on which the skip can stand. To give some added protection to the surface underneath when setting the skip on a lawn, driveway or patio, helpful to advisable to lay some boards down onto which the skip can be placed.

If you haven't got the space actually in your garden in Southwell, the street is really the only other alternative for siting your skip, and even this is not always feasible. Naturally, in the case of a public road or verge, you cannot simply stick a skip there without first getting permission from your local authority, and that is where you will need to go to get a special skip licence. The vast majority of Southwell skip hire companies will be happy to get this licence for you, so ask if this might be possible.

Since they will know precisely what's required, the quickest way to obtain one and where to go, it is preferred to pick a skip hire company which will obtain the required licence on your behalf. Positioning the skip on your property is without doubt the perfect alternative, even if you need to temporarily remove a couple of fencing panels to fit it in, because this negates the requirement of permits, licences and that type of aggravation. Fortunately it's actually fairly easy to apply for a skip permit on the web, if you do have to obtain a licence for yourself. Skips sited on main roads will need reflective markers, traffic cones and safety lights to alert other road users, and you might be fined up to one thousand pounds if you fail to do this.

The cost for a skip permit varies from place to place, and may even fluctuate based on the type of skip involved. A permit for a normal builder's skip is typically about £100, although anything between £30 and £160 may be charged by local authorities in some areas. These will generally last for a month (only 2 weeks in some areas), but can frequently be renewed for an additional fee. You will need to wait about 5 days for the processing of your online application. In the interim you should not proceed with the skip installation, because implied or tacit permission isn't acceptable. If it is found that you have placed a skip on a road, verge or pavement without a licence, you will be fined and also have to pay for a much more expensive retrospective permit.

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Booking Your Skip: When you wish to arrange and book skip hire in Southwell, one of the most important things is good organisation. You really want your skip to arrive on, or perhaps the day before, you're hoping to start filling it. In most cases, Southwell skip hire companies will allow you about 2 weeks to top up your skip, after which time they will be wanting to collect it. If you are able to inform them beforehand, they might be willing to extend this, otherwise they could charge you extra.

To keep from adding more to the already substantial price of skip hire in Southwell, get your timings right at the outset. The main thing that you want to avoid, is a skip standing empty for a number of days before there is any rubbish to throw in it. So, to make sure that you've got plenty of time to load the skip, and avoid being pressurised by the hire company seeking to collect it, just abide by these few basic guidelines.

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Filling up Your Skip: You should take care when you're filling the skip, to make perfectly sure that everything is crammed in as tightly as possible. Use up all of the available space as methodically as you can by breaking down units and furniture for instance, which can otherwise take up a considerable amount of space. Using this method the entire thing will be much less hazardous, and ideally you will be able to fit all of your junk into a single skip, saving you cash in the long run.

The majority of Southwell skip hire companies won't accept certain types of rubbish such as asbestos, glue or paint, car tyres, fridge/freezers, batteries, laptops or computer monitors, plasterboard, medical waste, TV's, toxic substances, gas cylinders, air-conditioning units and aerosol cans, so make sure you only put allowable waste into your skip. Don't over fill your skip because the driver may refuse to take away the skip if he thinks it is unsafe. A safety net or cover will generally be fastened over the load by the skip driver before hoisting it up onto his / her lorry. This is primarily intended to retain lighter fly-away items.

It's extremely important to confirm that the hire firm in Southwell you use, will get shot of your waste in a responsible and ethical way. If the skip is emptied (fly-tipped) a couple of miles from your home, it's going to be your front door that council enforcement officers will probably be rapping on with a sizeable fine, seeing as you're the originator of that garbage. Skip hire providers in Southwell must hold a "waste carriers license", so make sure they have one and that it is bona fide. Apart from this requirement there is little regulation or legislation applicable to skip hire businesses, therefore it is something of a minefield searching for one which is legitimate and responsible. Skip hire companies in Southwell who have been in business for a number of years are definitely the ones that you ought to give preference to.

Southwell Skip Hire Prices (NG25)

In the Southwell area and all around the country, fly-tipping has fast become a big problem recently, so I'm sure you do not wish to be adding to it. Although they are few and far between, there are certainly people out there who hire skips, who don't feel the same sense of accountability, and will have little compunction in illegally tipping your skip waste. Such individuals have no intention whatsoever of actually providing the service that they are promising, but will be glad to pocket your cash all the same.

Any skip hire provider that's substantially cheaper than their counterparts, should immediately arouse your suspicion, so check if they're truly legitimate. As is the case with most other services in Southwell, cheap is not usually best, and as they always say, "you get what you pay for".

Endorsements from family, friends and workmates are considered to be the most dependable source of information when it comes to choosing various services, therefore if you know somebody who has recently used a skip hire company you should ask for their input. Word of mouth recommendations are preferred above any other kind of endorsement or review by around 80% of people in Southwell, so where possible, you should use this fact to your advantage. To get an idea of prices you will want to obtain a minimum of three different quotes from your shortlist of possible skip hire companies.

Skip Hire Prices Southwell: Skip hire prices obviously, can vary a great deal and will usually depend on the size of skip you require, the area of the country where you are hiring the skip and the skip hire provider that you use. To provide you with an approximate guide to the costs in 2020 a mini (2 yard) skip should cost from about £60 to £120, a midi (4 yard) skip should cost from approximately £85 to £200, a builders skip (8 yard) will range in price from about £140 to £300, and a roll-on roll-off skip will be anything from approximately £300. A permit/licence for locating a skip on a highway should cost about £60-£100.

Skip Hire Prices Southwell (NG25)

Skip hire can be found in Southwell and also in nearby places like: Oxton, Farnsfield, Halam, Farndon, Westhorpe, Morton, Caunton, Winkburn, Epperstone, Edingley, Bleasby, Fiskerton, Kirklington, Elston, Upton, and in these postcodes NG25 0PB, NG25 0JT, NG25 0HZ, NG25 0AR, NG25 0BY, NG25 0PE, NG25 0QB, NG25 0EP, NG25 0FP, NG25 0LT. Local Southwell skip hire companies will most likely have the postcode NG25 and the dialling code 01636. Verifying this will guarantee that you're accessing locally based providers of skip hire. Southwell home and business owners will be able to utilise these and numerous other similar services.

Muck Away Southwell

You might discover that some skip companies in the area also offer "muck away" services in Southwell, and be puzzled as to what the differences are. Essentially, muck away services include removing spoil (waste, rubble and soil) from farmland, industrial developments or building projects when earthworks are undertaken.

The 3 major categories of waste are inert, hazardous and non-hazardous.

Southwell muck away services are able to remove:

  • Clean, inert waste.
  • Toxic, hazardous and contaminated waste.
  • Non-hazardous waste.
  • Site clearance materials and spoil.
  • Agricultural and green waste.
  • Tarmac breakout.
  • Subsoil, rubble, concrete and hardcore.

In residential situations this can be created by:

  • Underpinning projects.
  • Building site clearances.
  • The digging of foundations and footings.
  • The building of extensions.
  • Patio and pathway removal and installation.
  • Swimming pool installation.

To cater for all these sizes and types of projects, and to enable easy access to all sorts of locations, professional muck away contractors in Southwell will have an array of different vehicles.

In the Southwell area, various different sectors regularly require muck away services, including:

  • Housing
  • Construction
  • Industrial & Commercial
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Railway Companies
  • Education
  • Sport & Leisure
  • Health Services
  • Retail Outlets

Abiding by the appropriate legislation and rules with regard to recycling and disposal, professional muck away services in Southwell ought to be registered with the Environment Agency. They should invariably be focused on a sustainable future and avoid landfill whenever it is feasible.

Skips - What Are They?

Skips are large, open-topped bins largely designed to load demolition, building and other types of waste, onto specialised trucks. The majority of skips are trapezoid in shape, with each end being lower than the middle to make filling easier. To channel deposited waste towards the middle, there is a sloping wall or floor at either end of the container.

Normally, skips in Southwell will have two lifting lugs on each side onto which sturdy chains are hooked to allow the skip to be lifted on and off the skip lorry using hydraulic arms. You'll also sometimes see "drop-door skips" which have a large hinged door at one end to enable simpler loading and unloading. With holding capacities ranging from 2 yards to 40 yards, depending on use, skip bin sizes can vary greatly. Owing to the rough treatment they get from labourers and tradesmen, skip bins are built to be tough and sturdy.

The word "skip" is a mostly British term, although it may be heard in New Zealand, Australia and Ireland. Though not exactly the same thing, in the USA they may be referred to as debris boxes or dumpsters.

Mini Skip Hire Southwell

A mini skip is the perfect way to remove household waste for those that are remodeling a home in Southwell, have a large quantity of green garden waste, or wish to get rid of stuff during a house move. Mini skips can hold in the region of 25-35 black bin bags full of rubbish and can be plonked down in the sort of area where you might usually park a small car.

If you are embarking on a DIY improvements on a room of your property in Southwell, mini skip hire is a useful way to get the waste materials you generate removed. Some rubbish tips have limitations on the household waste that can be dumped, hiring a mini skip means the responsibility of the rubbish is passed on to the skip hire company, who'll have an environmentally friendly, long-term contract set up. You can take the hassle and stress from dealing with the junk from your renovations or repairs to your home by hiring a handy mini skip and getting the skip company to dispose of your household waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Skip Hire Permit Southwell

If you are not able to park the skip on your driveway or garden, it will have to go on the road outside. If this is the situation you find yourself in, don't forget that you will need a licence for this, and you must either purchase this yourself, or ask the skip hire company to do it for you. The price of a permit for standing a skip on a footway, pavement, verge or street varies from place to place, and could also differ in accordance with the actual skip size. At the time of writing this article (2021) the cost of a skip skip permit was about one hundred pounds on average, although in your specific area it might be anywhere between thirty and one hundred and sixty pounds for a standard builders skip.

These licences only last for a limited period (normally one month), although they can often be extended for an extra fee if necessary. You will have to wait around five days for your online application to be processed. In the interim you must not press ahead with the skip installation, as tacit permission isn't enough. If it is discovered that you have placed a skip on a verge, footpath or road without a permit, you can be fined and additionally have to pay for a retrospective permit.

Hiring a Grab Truck Southwell

Grab Lorry Hire Southwell UK (01636)

Phoning for a grabber truck is yet another solution to waste removal especially when space or access for a skip is constrained. This can be perfect for garden clearances and those types of projects, where the waste materials can simply be piled up at one end of the garden. If a grab lorry can get quite close to your garden in Southwell, it will be able to grab a significant amount of waste in just two or three scoops, thus saving you the effort of having to fill up a skip and ensure it's safe.

Grab lorries can tackle anywhere between 1 and 14 cubic metres of waste in a single journey and can collect a variety of materials such as bricks, topsoil, boulders, rubble, hardcore, concrete and green waste. This kind of service is sometimes termed "muck away", which pretty accurately portrays what's provided, typically using a 32 ton truck which can take up to sixteen tons of waste and rubbish.

Skip Bags Southwell

Something is accomplished and something else that is surplus to requirements (i.e. rubbish) is produced, at the end of any home improvement or de-cluttering project in Southwell. For many of us, getting rid of that rubbish responsibly can be a bit of an issue.

We're all constantly acquiring and accumulating possessions right through our lives, these may both define us and demonstrate how far up life's greasy pole we have progressed. Now and then the urge to de-clutter our homes becomes simply too powerful to ignore. Loads of bulky stuff will need to be dumped, regardless of whether you're doing a garden clearance project or perhaps blitzing those cupboards that you have been hiding all your junk in.

Whether you're undertaking home improvements or just de-cluttering, some projects only produce a small volume of rubbish. For smaller loads such as this, a skip bag could be the perfect option.

The Benefits of Skip Bags

  • Because they can be picked up by and ordered from your local DIY outlet, they are far more convenient.
  • Normally, no permit is needed from the local council.
  • No lights at night are required because they don't have to be placed on the main road.
  • Sizes from 1yd³ to 4yd³ are available.
  • They're easy to carry when empty, because they come folded up.
  • Providing that a skip bag is in reach of the lorry high lift crane, it can normally be collected directly from your garden.

Skip Bags - Reasons for Hiring

  • Cleaning out that cupboard under the stairs or emptying the shed.
  • Having a clear out before moving house.
  • Removing old kitchen units, laying new carpets, or other modest home improvement projects.

Skip bags can be a godsend in many instances and they often win out for convenience, cost and ease of collection. (Tags: Skip Bags Southwell, Skip Bag Hire Southwell, Skip in a Bag Southwell, Skip Bags Hire Southwell).

RoRo (Roll-On Roll-Off) Skips Southwell

Roll-On Roll-Off Skips Southwell

Roll-On Roll-Off (RoRo) skips are a step up from from the traditional builders skip, and are just the thing for commercial companies in Southwell who need to remove large amounts of waste. Roll-on, Roll-off skips generally come in sizes from twenty to forty cubic yards, and can hold anything from 220 to 440 standard sized bin bags. You'll typically see RoRo skips being used in locations where there are large amounts of industrial, demolition or construction waste.

If your waste disposal requirements are such that a Ro-Ro is necessary, you'll have to consider a number of elements. Is there plenty of space for the delivery of the skip, will it hamper the on-site flow of work whilst it's there, and will there be ample room for a skip lorry to pick it up and manoeuvre it after it has been filled?

Roll-on, Roll-off skip advantages include:

  • Lower transportation costs - due to less collections and deliveries.
  • They take large bulky items which could clutter up the site.
  • They hold huge amounts of waste - reducing on-site debris and hazards.
  • Your carbon footprint is lowered due to less frequent trips being made.
  • Frequency of collection is lower - thus less disturbance on-site.

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Find skip hire and rubbish removal in Southwell plus commercial skips Southwell, skip bag hire, grab hire Southwell, 12-yard skip hire Southwell, skips for garden clearances Southwell, house clearance skip hire, event waste management, wait and load skip hire, office clearances, asbestos collection, waste recycling, on the drive skips in Southwell, domestic skips, skip collection, green waste services in Southwell, lockable skips, timber & wood recycling, waste services Southwell, jumbo skip hire in Southwell, rubbish removal, skip hire and collection, demolition waste removal in Southwell, scrap metal recycling, waste management, trade skips in Southwell, site clearances, home skip hire, cheap skip hire Southwell, industrial skip hire Southwell, compaction container hire, mini skip hire in Southwell, skip permit applications in Southwell and more. These are just some of the tasks that are conducted by those specialising in skip hire. Southwell companies will tell you about their entire range of waste removal services.

Southwell Skip Hire Questions

Southwell Skip Hire Questions

Over the last few months I've been thinking about the popular questions that householders ask on the topic of skip hire in Southwell. Several of our web visitors have emailed some important queries that I considered to be relevant to this post. The ones I picked are, "Do you pay VAT on skip hire?" "What do skip hire companies do with the rubbish?" "What is the smallest skip bin I can hire?" "How long can you hire a skip bin for?" "When you hire a skip what can you put in it?" "How much does it cost to hire a skip?" I hope that the majority of those queries have been tackled in this short article, and if some still need to be dealt with a skip hire "Questions and Answers" section is going to be included in the near future. Thankyou to Liam Graham, Alexandru Rees, Mario Middleton and Alexa Dickson from Southwell, for posing these great questions. Queries were also mailed in by Elizabeth Bryan in Caunton, Juan Rowlands in Epperstone and Evelyn Devlin in Elston.

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Skip Hire Around Southwell: Guitar instructors were recently giving lessons in the following Southwell areas: Church Street, Wakeling Close, Monckton Drive, Farthingate, Halam Road, Bath Lane, Metcalfe Close, Landseer Close, Dudley Doy Road, Dover Street, Brackenhurst Lane, Kings Court, Allenby Road, Crew Lane Close, Lower Kirklington Road, Palmers Court, Maythorne Lane, Cottams Close, Bull Yard, Wolsey Close, Greet Park Close, Orchard Close, Station Road, Burgage, Crafts Way, Hillside Drive, Southwell Road, Honing Drive, Norwood Gardens, and in locations in these postcodes: NG25 0PB, NG25 0JT, NG25 0HZ, NG25 0AR, NG25 0BY, NG25 0PE, NG25 0QB, NG25 0EP, NG25 0FP, NG25 0LT. People in these places recently asked about skip hire. Southwell home and business owners received trusted and competent skip hire services in all cases.

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