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Skip Hire Kelso Scotland: If you're continuously amassing rubbish in your home and garden, you are certainly not alone - it is a dilemma that affects a lot of property owners in Kelso. Repeatedly having to load up your vehicle and visit the local dump isn't that much fun, and it is also easy to damage or mess up your car if you're not extremely careful. Having to contend with the accumulation of everyday rubbish is problem enough, however when carrying out home improvements, cleaning out the garage or clearing your garden is involved, the whole process can overwhelm you.

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Most folks in Kelso would rather rent a skip and have all that horrible rubbish lugged away, recycled and dumped responsibly, just as it should be. Should you decide that this is the perfect solution for you, then your initial task is to find a dependable company that offer skip hire in Kelso, and organize to get a skip dropped at your property.

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Guide to Hiring a Skip: Your next points to consider should be: what size skip will you require, when will you need the skip and where are you going to site it? And these are all questions which you'll want to answer before actually pressing ahead and scheduling a skip.

Sizes of Skip: Skip hire firms in and around Kelso offer a variety of different skip sizes, depending on your wants. Most commonly you'll find a choice of a mini skip (one to two yards/25-35 rubbish bags), a midi skip (3-4 yards/35-45 rubbish bags), a builders skip (6-8 cubic yards/65-85 black bags), and a large skip (twelve to fourteen yards/180-210 rubbish bags). The most widespread skip that you regularly see outside homes in Kelso, when they're doing refurbishments is the standard builders skip which is suitable for a decent amount of trash, with no need to overfill it or shove boards or doors along the sides to make more room.

For home improvements, garden clearances, building projects and loft clearances, the traditional builders skip is probably the safest option, and let's face it this is the sort of skip that's most commonly seen in the driveways of Kelso.

Siting the Skip: You are going to need to find the right position on your property to site the skip, a driveway is good, or perhaps a piece of lawn which you do not mind damaging. If you do not have a suitable place like a private driveway or garden area, you will have to stand your skip on the street outside your house, in which case a licence/permit is going to be needed, and the place to get one is the local council office. You may well have to get this for yourself, but a lot of Kelso skip hire firms will be prepared to acquire this permit on your behalf.

It's better to go with skip hire company who will obtain the required licence/permit for you, as they know exactly where to apply, what you need and how to get it. Siting the skip on your property is clearly the perfect solution, even if you have to remove one or two fence panels to fit it in, as this avoids the need for permits and all that hassle. In the worst case scenario it's not that hard to request a skip permit online if you wind up having to do it on your own. You can be fined up to 1000 pounds if you position a skip on a main road with no permit and without specific safety precautions such as night lamps, traffic cones and reflective markings to warn other road users.

A permit for placing a skip on a street, pathway, pavement or verge will vary in cost from area to area, and might also depend on the size of the skip you are renting. A permit for a conventional builder's skip is generally about one hundred pounds, although anywhere between £30 and £160 is charged by local authorities in some areas. A skip permit will be time limited, and will typically be valid for a month, although renewals can be purchased should you need it left there for longer than this. You'll need to wait about 5 days for your online application to be processed. In the interim you mustn't proceed with the skip installation, as tacit or implied permission isn't an acceptable argument. If it is discovered that you've placed a skip on a road, footpath or verge without a permit, you can be fined and additionally have to pay for a retrospective licence.

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Reserving Your Skip: So that the skip isn't left lying unused for a week whilst you're waiting around for the workmen to arrive on the job, it is critical to have it brought to you at the correct time, because renting a skip isn't by any means cheap and Kelso skip companies only allow you to keep their skips for a minimal amount of time. If it is at all possible it is better to book the skip delivery to dovetail with the time you begin accumulating rubbish, or at least with the start of your project. This should allow you to get the maximum from your skip before the skip company starts to hassle you to get it collected, before the rubbish generating work is completed. So that they are able to fit the collection into their busy agenda, as soon as you've completely filled up the skip, you must give the skip hire company a minimum of two days notification.

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Filling a Skip: You need to be mindful when you are filling up the skip, to make certain everything's crammed in as neatly as it possibly can be. Use up all of the available space as economically as you can by smashing up furniture and units for example, which can otherwise waste a lot of space. As well as being less dangerous this should allow you to fit more waste in.

Make certain that you only put allowed waste into your skip as the majority of skip hire providers in Kelso, will not let you dump certain sorts of waste such as aerosols, gas canisters, TV's, freezers, toxic substances, full paint cans, computer monitors, car tyres and plasterboard. Also don't over fill the skip because the driver could refuse to take the skip away if he believes it could be dangerous. To prevent light and unsecured articles from falling off the skip, the collection driver will fix a safety net or cover over the load before raising it onto his or her lorry.

Ensuring that the skip company that you use in Kelso is going to dispose of your trash properly is really important. If your waste is fly-tipped 600 metres down the road, it will be your door that local authority enforcement officials are going to be knocking on with a substantial fine, as you are the originator of the trash. Trustworthy hire firms in Kelso will be prepared to let you see an up-to-date waste carriers licence, and in this way you can be confident in the knowledge that they can be relied upon. With there being little or no regulation or legislation controlling rubbish disposal and the skip rental sector in general, apart from this licence, you should not simply count on the fact that every skip rental firm in the Kelso area can be relied on. Skip hire companies in Kelso who've been in business for a number of years are the ones you should give preference to.

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In the skip hire sector, as with many other services and businesses, there are certainly rogue traders operating, who'll take liberties by fly-tipping your trash 10 minutes after pocketing your cash. So, do not choose these people, regardless if they're several quid cheaper than their legitimate competition, given it can easily cost you considerably more in the end (in the form of council fines!). What this really shows is the fact that the cheapest skip hire Kelso may not always be the best skip hire Kelso.

Skip Hire Prices Kelso: In accordance with the skip hire firm you choose, the size of skip that you require and the area of the British Isles where you need the skip, the price of hiring a skip will vary greatly. As an approximate guide a mini (2 yard) skip should range in price from around £60 to £120, a midi skip (4 yard) should range from approximately £85 to £200, a builders skip (8 yard) will range from around £140 to £300. A licence for locating a skip on a road will probably cost around £60-£100 (in 2020).

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You should be able to get skip hire in Kelso and also nearby in: St Boswells, Coldstream, Galashiels, Redpath, Lauder, Maxwellheugh, Fountainhall, Tweedbank, Springwood Village, Drygrange, Earlston, Newstead, Melrose, Leaderfoot, Norham, Stow, and in these postcodes TD5 7LN, TD5 7LZ, TD5 7HP, TD5 7AA, TD5 7LQ, TD5 7AT, TD5 7JJ, TD5 7HB, TD5 7AH, TD5 7LL. Locally based Kelso skip hire services will likely have the postcode TD5 and the telephone code 01573.

Waste Management Kelso

Waste Management Kelso

A business offering waste management services in Kelso should be equipped to handle any waste or rubbish you create with the least possible fuss. From food, sanitary and health waste, to confidential office documents, a professional waste management provider should be able to deal with it all.

The primary goal of any legitimate waste management provider in Kelso is the dedication to attaining a zero carbon footprint and zero landfill policy moving forward. The contemporary techniques for processing hazardous and chemical waste, together with an effective procedure of composting and recycling ought to be the aim of any waste management company's philosophy.

You will be able to get guidance on all aspects of waste disposal from a certified waste management provider in Kelso, that will cover monitoring, policy and implementation on every type of waste materials that are applicable to your business.

Precisely What is a Skip?

A skip is a large, open-topped container designed to load demolition, construction and other kinds of waste, onto purpose made trucks. Most skips are trapezoid in shape, with ends that are lower than the middle to make for easier loading. Each end of the skip bin has a sloping floor or wall which channels deposited waste towards the centre.

Most skips in Kelso have two lugs on each side onto which heavy chains are attached to permit the skip to be hoisted onto and off a skip lorry using hydraulic arms. Sometimes you'll see "drop-door skips" which have a huge fold-down door at one end to permit simpler loading and unloading. You can hire a wide range of sizes of skip, and they go from compact 2yd³ mini-skips, up to 40yd³ roll-on, roll-off skips. Made to withstand rough use by tradesmen and labourers, skips are sturdy and tough.

Though mostly a British term, "skips" may also be encountered in New Zealand, Australia and Ireland. In the United States of America "dumpsters" or "debris boxes" are a similar concept.

Skip Bag Hire Kelso

When any project in Kelso ends there's something that has been created, and something else that is no longer needed - generally know as "rubbish". For many of us, getting rid of that waste correctly can be a bit of a challenge.

Whilst progressing up life's greasy pole we're constantly acquiring and accumulating possessions that define who we are and where we've been, and indicate how far we have progressed during our lifetime. In due course the time comes to do a bit of de-cluttering. Irrespective of whether its doing a garden clearance project or cleaning out those cupboards that you've been storing all your junk in, it's easy to generate heaps of bulky stuff that needs to be disposed of.

A lot of projects that we do in our homes in Kelso, whether by way of improvements or purely de-cluttering, only result in a small amount of rubbish. However, even for those minimal quantities of waste, there are skip hire solutions in the form of skip bags.

The Benefits of Skip Bags

  • So long as a lorry crane can reach, they can usually be picked up from your front garden.
  • No skip hire permit will generally be necessary.
  • Skip bags are more convenient as they can be picked up by and ordered from the local DIY store.
  • Sizes from one to four cubic yards are available.
  • As they do not have to be placed on the road, no night lighting is needed.
  • They come folded, so they are very easy to carry when empty.

Reasons to Hire Skip Bags

  • Clearing your dwelling out before you move.
  • Changing old kitchen units, laying new carpets, or other modest home improvement projects.
  • Cleaning out the cupboard under the stairs or emptying the cellar.

Skip bags can certainly be a godsend, when you need to get rid of some trash, but can't really justify hiring a skip. (Tags: Skip in a Bag Kelso, Hire Skip Bags Kelso, Skip Bag Hire Kelso, Skip Bags Kelso).

Roll-On Roll-Off (Ro-Ro) Skips Kelso

Roll-On Roll-Off Skips Kelso

Delivered and transported by specialist skip lorries, Roll-On Roll-Off skips hold huge quantities of waste and are just the thing for commercial users in Kelso who need something more substantial than the conventional builders skip. Ro-Ro skips are generally available in sizes of twenty to forty yds³, and can hold anything from 220 to 440 standard sized bin bags. You will frequently see Ro-Ro skips being employed in settings where there are large volumes of demolition, construction or industrial waste.

There are a couple of elements that you'll have to bear in mind, if you're thinking of hiring a RoRo skip for your own commercial needs. Your key concerns are going to be; do you have sufficient space on-site for the skip to be delivered, will the size of the container hinder the workflow during the project, and will there be plenty of space for the skip truck to collect the fully loaded container.

Roll-on, Roll-off skip advantages include:

  • The disposal of large bulky items, reduces site clutter.
  • Less disruption on-site - thanks to less frequent collection.
  • Fewer trips for delivery and collection - meaning lower transportation costs.
  • They take huge volumes of waste - reducing on-site hazards and debris.
  • Less frequent trips means a reduced carbon footprint.

Skip Hire Permit Kelso

If you have to stand your skip on a verge, road or footpath, you'll need to apply for a skip hire licence. The hire company might do this on your behalf, or else you will need to fill in an application online. A licence for sitting a skip on a street, footway, footpath or grass verge will vary in cost from area to area, and may also be determined by the size of the skip that you're renting. A permit for a conventional builder's skip is generally about £100, although anything between £30 and £160 is charged by councils in various places.

A skip permit is normally time limited, and will often be valid for one month, although renewals are possible if you need the skip for longer than this. After making an application for a skip licence on the internet you will have to wait for the five or so days that is required to process it. Don't simply assume that you have tacit permission and can go ahead and place the skip, you have to wait for confirmation. You'll be fined and also have to pay for a much costlier retrospective permit, if you're found to have put a skip on a verge, road or pavement without purchasing the appropriate permit. (Tags: Skip Licence Kelso, Skip Hire Licence Kelso, Licences for Skip Hire Kelso, Skip Hire Permit Kelso).

Commercial Skip Hire Kelso

Commercial skip hire services are normally offered in conjunction with domestic skip hire by the majority of Kelso skip hire providers. The perfect solution for building contractors, factories, demolition companies and business premises, commercial skip hire services in Kelso can cater for all of your waste disposal needs. In order to get the most effective commercial skip hire solution, you should look for a firm that focuses on recycling and waste management.

Although you would automatically think that commercial skip hire would involve the use of large Ro-Ro (Roll on, Roll off) skips, that isn't necessarily the case, and a professional company will provide a whole range of skip sizes for your commercial waste removal. Obviously a number of businesses in Kelso will require the larger receptacles, which are just the thing for bulky and heavy waste materials such as soil, brick and rubble, and should always be placed on a solid surface with plenty of clearance all round for easy collection by the skip lorry.

Whatever commercial skip hire firm you use in Kelso should offer a cost-effective and reliable service with a keen interest in recycling, in conjunction with ethical and environmentally friendly disposal strategies.

Kelso Skip Hire Questions

Kelso Skip Hire Questions

In recent days I have been going over the types of questions people in Kelso ask with regards to skip hire. A number of you have mailed in some justifiable enquiries that I thought might be worthy of a mention here. The ones which leaped out are, "When you hire a skip where does the waste go?" "How do you pay for skip hire?" "Which is the best skip to hire?" "How long can you hire a skip bin for?" "How much to hire a skip bin?" "Can I put anything in a skip bin?" I hope you'll agree that nearly all of these enquiries have been answered in this short article, and if that is not the case a skip hire "Q&A" section is the next thing on our agenda. Our thanks go to Alex Evans, Sean Macdonald, Winston Hutchinson and Addison Whittaker, for taking the trouble to put their questions. We were also pleased to get pertinent offerings from Aaliyah Benson in Maxwellheugh, Joel Weaver in Coldstream and Nicole Moody in Newstead.

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What Can be Put in a Skip?

Okay to go in a Skip

  • Rubble
  • Paving Slabs
  • Clothing
  • Stones
  • Bricks
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Uncontaminated Soil
  • Wood
  • Hedge Clippings
  • Concrete
  • Sand
  • Metal

Cannot be Put in a Skip

  • Gas Cylinders or Bottles
  • Toxic Materials
  • Fridge/Freezers
  • Plasterboard
  • Laptops or Computer Monitors
  • Medical Waste
  • Car Tyres
  • TV Sets
  • Aerosols
  • Batteries
  • Asbestos
  • Oil of any Kind
  • Full Paint Cans
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